"Welcome to Klap Family, a siblinghood centered around skateboarding, but not only.

"It's more than a community. It's a crew of friends that forms a family!" On the other end of the line, Kamel Gondry. The boss of Klap. Four letters for: Kingdom of Liberties Against Prohibitions. "Not a brand," Kamel tells us. Or rather, yes. A trademark.

A banner that brings together over 20000 loyal followers from around the globe. "In Finland, the United States, France, or Spain; in every country, you can find a Klap guy who can help you!" It's a whole world that Klap encompasses.


 Twelve years and counting. The movement takes root in Barcelona when Kamel arrives there. Little by little, a team forms around this graphic designer from Mulhouse. Skaters, but also photographers, videographers, rappers, party organizers...

"We always wanted to create a collective. Something that represents us. With Klap, we managed to put a word to a vibe." Originally, Klap prints a few t-shirts, makes skate videos, and indulges in the pleasures of partying in the Catalan capital. The group grows, and ambition naturally grows with it. Until the opening of a space located in the heart of the Raval district, just steps away from the Museum of Contemporary Art, a stronghold of skateboarding worldwide. "MACBA is our office, our circus, our place. It was natural to gather there."

The Klap space is all-encompassing. "We're not just a hardcore skate shop." Inside: clothes, boards, artworks, accessories galore. On the agenda: showrooms, art openings, concerts.

Because music is important to Klap; Klap Records, the melodic division of the collective, releases a mixtape every week. Deep house, Hip-hop, Dancehall, Soul... It's all there. Just like during the events of the Barcelona crew.

"We've already had the pleasure of inviting Roca, L'Entourage, 1995, Lomepal, Dimeh, Enima... It's family!" Yes, because the connection is primarily French. With a branch in Paris, it's not uncommon to see part of the team visiting the French capital.

For filming, parties, or a skate tour. Or perhaps all of the above. That's the spirit. Klap, the end."